A properly serviced and maintained bike is safer, lasts longer and is more fun to ride. The Flying Spanner can keep your bike riding like new!


This seems to be ideal for most people: A basic service costs £50 (excluding parts). That includes:

  • collection and delivery
  • a 23-point safety and condition check
  • frame and parts wiped down and degreased
  • cleaning and lubricating (or changing) cables
  • ensuring gears, brakes, headset and hubs are properly adjusted.
  • Checking the wheels are true and make minor adjustments
  • pumping up your tyres, oiling your chain, lubing all the important little places and tightening all nuts and bolts.
  • a final test ride and tweak.
  • Unlimited amount of talking about bikes

If your bike needs new parts, I will tell you. I will include fitting in the price of the parts.

For £80, I will include a strip-down and rebuild of your wheel hubs and headset, including new bearings (not cartridge bearings).

(Generally, it won't be worth your money or my time to come out and fix a puncture or a snapped cable; but in my experience every bike benefits from a basic £50 service.)

Keep it running sweetly for those wilderness rides!


The Flying Spanner can carry out just about any repairs or tasks you would expect from a standard bike repair workshop – from a new set of brake blocks to a complete build.


I can supply almost any spares required – ask me about BBB and FSA quality components - but if you prefer to buy your own and get me to fit them, that’s OK too!


£30 per wheel; plus the price of the parts. Ask me to quote.


Just ask!

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